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Medical Communication is Multifaceted. ADI has a cross functional expertise across Data Science, Medical Animation, Scientific and Medical Writing

3d Animation of Heart- ADI INTELLECT

About ADI Intellect

ADI Intellect is a full-service Medical Communication Company capable of providing effective written and digital media solution to address Internal, External & Regulatory communication needs of the Healthcare sector. Our cross-functional team is delivered projects across Data Science, Analytics, Intelligence Reports, Medical Writing, and Medical Animation. Our communication expert ensures that our message is Clear, Concise, Consistent and Complete for its audience.

Services We Provide

ADI Intellect is a comprehensive service provider for all your medical communication needs. ADI Intellect helps you achieve your education, training and medical device marketing goals by delivering 3D medical animations that tell your story with accuracy in broadcast quality.

Let ADI Intellect support your company’s needs.


3D Medical Animation

High impact of your unique story with
3D animation.


Medical/Scientific Writing

Regulatory and scientific writing is a serious
business. Let the EXPERTS handle it for you.


Life is a continuous learning process,
make it fun with interactive,
gamified eLearning

Patient Education

Research and creativity combined to simplify
the complexity of healthcare for the benefit
of patients and care givers

Medical Illustration Library

Train employees, treat patients, sell products or reap investments, we offer several leverages to give you a competitive edge.

See how our medical writing team helps you create succinct, compliant documentation.

Our Mission

To offer a process-centric approach blended with an out-of-box solution; delight our customers with excellence and scalability; attract and nurture talent with passion and skills.

We are the pioneers in out-of-the-box solutions for global medical communication, a one of a kind full-service company that offers CRO services such as medical/clinical BI, special services for clinical trials and observational study, medical writing, regulatory writing and medical animation under one roof!

Medical Animation Show Reel 2019


ADI Intellect showreel 2019 is a selection of our top medical animation work, produced over the last few years. With 3D medical animation, the audience gets to know how the drug molecule travels inside the human body and binds with another molecule, showing the “Mechanism of Action” . When a drug enters the scene, the viewers can see how it interacts with the complex mechanisms of the human body.

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