Communication is Our Business
If words Could have expressed it,
We wouldn't have been in business
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Delivering the Solution
Research, Strategy, Content, Creative and our “Passion” are means
to deliver our “Promise”.
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Journey That Inspires
Evolving from a bootstrapped startup in data management to writing experts
and finally a full service
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Data Mining

Quality data is the foundation of every project. Let our experts help you with the same.


Data driven writing in more convincing and rational for decision 

Animated Explainer Video

Reach your audience to convenience them and drive them towards a
desired action.

Our Competence


  • 21 years working in the healthcare communication business. 
  • Our Intelligence Reports help KOLs with decision-making backed by readable data. 
  • From web content, scientific publications to regulatory writing, 
  • Our writers have always been par excellence. 
  • We provide videos tailored to your objective budget & audience using motion design, VFX, 2D & 3D
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What we do

ADI Intellect is a comprehensive service provider for all your communication needs. ADI Intellect helps organizations with education videos, interactive training apps, content creation, digital marketing solutions, and animated videos. Our solution is widely used in marketing, communication, and training across a broad industry sector with specialization in the healthcare sector.

Creative Services

Animated videos that create a long-lasting impact of your message. Animation is widely used in internal & external communication.

Medical/Technical Writing

Technical and medical writing is a serious business. Let the EXPERTS handle it for you.


Organizations take stakeholder's training a fun with our interactive, animated, gamified & e-learning videos.

Patient Education

Research and creativity combined to simplify the complexity of healthcare for the benefit of
patients and caregivers.

Data Science

For organizations that strongly rely on data for their decision makings. Create your custom data repository accessible on finger tips.


Building Skill & Infusing Passion

At ADI,  we are passionate about customer delight. We begin each project keeping it on top of our mind and conclude it with the same.

While skill is the minimum requisite to work in the industry, it is the collective passion of the organization that helps them achieve its Mission and Vision.

Our customers vouch for it!

Medical Animation Show Reel

ADI Intellect showreel is a selection of our top medical animation work, produced over the last few years. With 3D medical animation, the audience gets to know Mechanism of Action of drug molecule inside the human body, and Mechanism of Disease progression. The simulations can be intergrated with AR/VR application to get visualization on complex medical subjects. 

Our Clients

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