Medical Animation

 With over a decade of experience, ADI has been able to animate your

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Medical Animation is a Powerful tool for internal and external communication.


A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. It is, therefore, time to get your message across precisely with our 3D Animation. Delivering captivating and engaging animations aligned with the content, communication need, target group’s knowledge level, and regulatory guidelines is our bond.

We offer a full range of medical animation services from concept to script-board to the screenplay to the final presentation. Whether you need audio-visual animation for film sequences, print or interactive media, ADI Intellect Studio stands by its timeline and budget assurances to deliver customized animations that meet your requirements.

Why you need Medical Animation

Medical 3D animations are useful for product demonstration purposes and serve as training tools for the marketing and sales team. Medical animation is a perfect way to show how the medical device functions. Medical animation videos can also help the patients gain better indulgent in their treatment options. Whether you are presenting to stakeholders or selling your medical product to customers, animation can convey a message in ways that no amount of words ever will!

A medical animation speaks for itself, to put across your message or recorded medical data as an easily understood medium.

Medical Animation

Our team of dedicated medical and creative specialists is committed to making 3D animations that effectively engage and inform your target audiences. Our medical specialist gets to the heart of your project and ensures factual accuracy, while our creative gurus write the script and put together your film to showcase the unique selling points and key aspects of your project.


Safety Training video

Safety training videos help to remind and fortify the type of safety culture you want to infuse within your organization. Our teams of experts are incredibly passionate about designing safety videos that helps to create your working sphere more safe and secure. Mishaps are something which no one wants to have happened in their organization.

That’s why we leave no stone unturned to design a video that leaves a long lasting impression on your people.

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Explainer Video

An Explainer Video is an animated video that explains a product or service.

In an easy and engaging way, an animated explainer video is the perfect pitch, every time and will help to increase conversions. These animated marketing videos will help to explain your business and value propositions. But not only that, they increase the average time spent on your website and most importantly increase conversions by 20 % on average.

Marketing & Advertising

We add human resource power to marketing and advertisement companies. While they have great customer understanding and concepts, we provide them with our human resource for faster production. Needless to say, faster client turn around and delivery resources creates a great reputation and market share for our customers.

When we know that our forte is in building a large team and ensuring quality delivery, we focus on helping our clients grow for our own business growth. With a fast growing and a complete team of 2D, 3D and motion graphics, we are a one-stop shop for a Marketing, Advertising and PR Company. Our current experience includes product launch animation, marketing videos, impact videos, information-driven sales videos and sales force training videos.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio spans across multiple technologies, 2D/3D/Motion Graphics. These are created for multifaceted communication needs of an organization, e.g. e-Learning, commercial, branding, employee engagement, and patient education.

Why ADI Intellect

ADI Intellect is a leading medical animation and medical communication company. The team working in the medical animation studio of ADI Intellect honed into animation programming who understand anatomy, biological processes, and medical science. The combination of this medical knowledge and skills in creating 3D computer animation is indispensable to produce an accurate and detailed medical 3D animation.

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