Identifying where and how our client’s struggle is a top priority for us at ADI Intellect. The aim is
to put an end to these struggles to bring you, our clients, comprehensive solutions that
rate high on quality and uniqueness.

Deliver on the
Promise of Digital

Engaging more and Retaining more

Understanding the underlying objective of the video game is the key to starting the eLearning process. Logical and precise interaction provides a high-end user experience. The interactive video changes the learning landscape, as it allows the user to directly react to the educational content. The user of interactive video is in control when gathering knowledge and information.


ADI has animated eLearning projects for education ministries, large corporations, and universities around


Gamification is a concept which is seeing more practical applications every day.

ELearning / Gamification in Clinical Research

3D medical animations are an excellent way present your clinical

Sales Training

Your sales teams are ready to detail your drug to your clinicians.

Our Benefits


We work hard to earn and retain your trust. We earned our clients trust and a reputation for excellence through delivering what we promised for the last fifteen years. The bottom line is that we deliver accurately and on time, and we relieve the pressure you and your team are under..

Creativity and Innovation

At ADI Intellect we always believe that there is a room for improvement. Our team with excellent skills in research, creativity and innovation keep looking for new ways of reducing time or effort in the delivery mechanism, which eventually gives the cost advantage to our customers.


ADI Intellect has been a pioneer in introducing many technologies, in its delivery mechanism, in the first place. The technology is widely used within each department at ADI Intellect Intellect to communicate its learning to other departments, which multiplied our learning exponentially.