Scientific Intelligence Report

We can compile reports based on your brief. This includes patient selection data, specific drug information, trends, and detailed analytic report. Experts at ADI Intellect have rich experience and with the help of AI we track down what is best for you to make your work easy and sorted.

Our intelligence reports has our legacy of handling over 200,000 clinical trials data and preparing dashboard across study design, site identification, PI CVs and demographics report used at various stages of drug development and marketing.

Scientific Publication

Our scientific writing experts offers services in writing manuscripts on various medical subjects. The team writes research papers and publications that has track record of acceptance by reputed publications. 

In addition the team also helps write abstract and design posters presented in the scientific conferences. 

Literature Review

We firmly believe in the value of excellent literature searches as one of the foundations of good scientific & regulatory documents. 

Our dedicated team of researchers gathers relevant information from a multitude of subject areas, putting each individual search through an intensive data-filtration process. 

The researchers then condense expertly selected information into succinct, reviewer-friendly summaries. 

Congress Presentation

Our team helps in designing presentation for scientific congress. Our design is clean and unique. 

The presentation structure is put together as per the audience. The reference data and links to the information listed in the presentation is searched and added in the presentation. 

The overall structure of the presentation is kept simple and compliant as per regulatory framework

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