Our Approach

Why ADI Intellect

We aim to foster our personal growth in line with that of our clients.

At ADI we built our expertise in the chronological order of the problem that arise at a different stage of the project. What begins with the need of dependable data required for faster decisions needs DATA RESEARCH. Once we have the data the need arise for data collation and we intrepret it using skills of BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE reports. Finally, the intelligence converts into the message that needs to be delivered to the target audience in a simplified way, where our EXPLAINER VIDEOS can be used in various applications. We have nurtured a team of IT Experts to strengthen our offerings with INTERACTIVE APPLICATIONS, IT SERVICES, BIG DATA & DATA SCIENCE.

While our 80% business comes from Healthcare, our exposure in shipping, petroleum, education, retail and automobile has made us versatile providers in the areas of our expertise.

As a flexible provider all our services are offered in standalone and in combination as per the need of our customers. 

Our Process

Internal Training Department

ADI since its early stage in business created an internal training department. While most service companies struggle with finding new talent with growth, ADI could nurture the knowledge into young talent. The department focuses on nurturing the organization-wide skill to put all the new learnings into the new modules of training department which helps new comers to reach a higher level of performance faster than their predecessors. Our training department also offers the industrial training program at a negligible fee, which becomes our source of identifying bright individuals with high potential.

Our years of efforts has created a work culture that infuses PASSION, “A PASSION FOR CUSTOMER DELIGHT”, in our team, making it an icing on the cake. 


Our internal training, succession plans and internal growth program allows you to start small and have your teams grow with your growth


We understand that the plans change as per the market response. We have flexible options available to leverage growth and risk associated to your business.


We work with documented processes integrated with feedback mechanism and training department that insures continuous improvement in our deliveries.


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