Employee/Sales Training

Your sales teams are ready to detail your drug to your clinicians. The medical and pharmaceutical sellers today are more driven than ever to close the sale with aggressive outreach efforts and repeated contact with the customer. This is because of e-learning and mobile learning methods, ADI Intellect helps you create animated videos and interactive content to train your workforce on the go.
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Brings a real-life environment
  • Transforms learning into performance
  • e-Learning

    ADI Intellect blends unique instructional design strategies and visual designs to create custom e-learning solutions, which are more interactive, we have delivered our custom eLearning services and developed hundreds of engaging, interactive, graphically-rich solutions in accordance to their unique requirements. ADI has animated eLearning projects for education ministries, large corporations, and universities around the world.

    • Custom e-Learning Development
    • Rapid e-Learning Development
    • Mobile Learning
    • Blended Learning Solutions

    Patient Education

    ADI Intellect makes sure the CRFs are study protocol-driven, content-rich and have essentials to collect the study-specific data. Our Clinical Data Handlers bring their fifteen years of experience to your projects to help you with paper CRFs as well as electronic CRFs (eCRFS) as latter is gaining popularity due to its advantages like improved data quality, online discrepancy management, and faster database lock, etc.
  • Collect data relevant to the specified protocol
  • The CRF design process is fully documented including approvals and version control
  • The CRF will be available at a specified clinical site prior to the enrolment of a subject
  • HCP Trainings

    ADI Intellect produce consistent, high-quality PSNs without unnecessary increases in cost and threats to timelines. Patient safety narrative (PSN) is an essential part of the CSR and pharmacovigilance, which provides the relevant brief information to describe the adverse events experienced by the patients during the clinical trial.
  • Regulatory review perspective
  • Narrative content format
  • Sources
  • Review cycles
  • Quality Calibration
  • Device Manuals

    Protocol design is essential to develop the fundamental for your project. Our Protocol Design specialists can help you with:
  • Protocol conceptualization, design, and preparation in compliance with ICH-GCP guidelines
  • Study laboratory manuals to accompany the clinical protocol
  • Comprehensive sub-study protocol design and implementation
  • Informed consent form design and patient brochures
  • Documents available in English or French
  • XXX

    We firmly believe in the value of excellent bibliographic searches as one of the foundations of good regulatory submissions and clear argumentation to support filings. Our dedicated teams of bibliographical investigators gather relevant information and place each individual search through an intensive data-filtration process. Good pursuits are indeed demanding and time-consuming for all, except for the experts!

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