Case Report Form Design Solution

It is not enough to be able to collect and group data, you have to be able to identify specifics and analyze the data.

Case Report Form (CRF) Design Solution

ADI Intellect makes sure the CRFs are study protocol-driven, content-rich and have essentials to collect the study-specific data. Our Clinical Data Handlers bring their fifteen years of experience to your projects to help you with paper CRFs as well as electronic CRFs (eCRFS) as latter is gaining popularity due to its advantages like improved data quality, online discrepancy management, and faster database lock, etc.

  • Collect data relevant to the specified protocol
  • The CRF design process is fully documented including approvals and version control
  • The CRF will be available at a specified clinical site prior to the enrolment of a subject

Why ADI Intellect

ADI Intellect is a leading medical animation and medical communication company. The team working in the medical animation studio of ADI Intellect honed into animation programming who understand anatomy, biological processes, and medical science. The combination of this medical knowledge and skills in creating 3D computer animation is indispensable to produce an accurate and detailed medical 3D animation.

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