Medical Animation: A Path to New Discoveries in Healthcare

by | Jun 20, 2019 |

Healthcare is about improving health by preventing or treating any disease through various medical procedures. It is only possible if the details of that disease are known which can be understood by reading from the internet or books, but the visual learning is the best learning as it gives a life-long impact on a person. Medical animation is that part which helps significantly to distribute the knowledge through visuals. A short educational film or video explains the health topics and complex medical processes more easily and effectively such as the origin of the disease, how a drug works in the body and improves the symptoms. In healthcare, the usage of medical animation is increasing day-by-day.


A 3D Medical Animation showing stages of Breast Cancer


Simplify complexity

Due to the lack of understanding of the medical terms & procedures, it becomes a challenge for doctors or medical professionals to explain the condition to patients. Sometimes the communication between them becomes very difficult. Therefore, now-a-days healthcare professionals prefer animated images, videos, 3D visuals, etc. to explain the discoveries about the human body to audiences. Why, because they find it more comfortable to convey the technical information to non-technical persons.

Provide logic

With the help of medical animations, it becomes easy to evaluate what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense or processes having logic or not. For example, a new device is to be developed to clear the veins inside the body. But, to assess if the device can move quickly through veins as per the configuration of that device and veins, the visual presentation can be much helpful.

Inspire scientific discussions

Medical animations about a specific topic also provide a point of discussions for scientists to agree or disagree on a process step and extract new questions which are not yet discovered. For example, what is the size and shape of proteins acting together? Whether they will fit together as a complex? How much time can be taken for those interactions? Is there any work still required to be done to make the interactions work?

Provide new ideas for research

Medical animation can help scientists imagine a hypothesis and help them bring new ideas based on what they are seeing.

Express research

One of the critical tasks related to a research study is to report it and communicate the work with audiences through research papers. Medical animation can help to express a concept more effectively than a still image in a scientific research paper. Also, while presenting research papers in conferences, medical animations can be used to express the research in less time but in a more effective way.

Recently, scientific journals have introduced the concept of graphical abstracts, which can be prepared through the use of medical animation to summarise the main findings of the research. The audiences can quickly understand the essential points of an article just by looking at that clear and concise graphic.

Medical research companies are gaining huge benefit from using medical animation. With the continuous growth in medical animation, the visualization of research is going to be a key to the future.


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