Innovative Solutions to Challenges in Clinical Trials Enrollment and Retention

by | Apr 25, 2019 |

With the increase in the market size of the clinical trials, the challenges have also increased so far. These challenges include clinical trials’ high cost, delay in patient recruitment, problems faced for patient retention, all of which leads to missing outcomes. The innovative processes are highly required to enroll the patients early, keep them linked to the clinical trial for necessary treatment periods, and lessen the cost which is increased further with each new enrolment and each new drop-out of the patient.

Besides the standard patient enrolment by investigators, Pharmaceutical companies have now started to adopt other innovative methods like digital health tools, the social media network, and smartphones to attract the patients and engage in the study.

An innovative approach can be applied to tackle the patient enrolment which is analyzed to be delayed due to the time taken for collection and investigation of potential information of patients. This can be reduced by using mobile apps. The mobile apps can help recruit patients by providing latest information related to studies, help users choose the study from their preferences, provide notifications related to up-coming studies, help the patients to check their eligibility for those studies, and make them potential participants for study from their end. As the patients self-choose the study, this makes them linked with the study for required treatment periods. The mobile apps also give medication reminders and alerts for rescheduled times helping to reduce false outcomes from the clinical trials.

There is a health network and real-time research platform i.e., PatientsLikeMe which helps to boost-up patient recruitment and saves the million dollars. Asthma Health app is another application that enables the patients to participate in the medical research study through their smartphones. PatientWing, ProofPilot, and Medaptive Health are the other engagement tools used for reducing the patient drop-out from the study.

The social networking websites are now providing an extensive opportunity to the Pharmaceutical companies for patient enrolment and retention in the clinical trials. As per recent studies, Facebook has become number one social media site, which can be used as an effective tool for providing important information about the trials to the users via advertisements, brochures, or making specific disease groups. The useful videos about trial recruitment can also be uploaded on YouTube, SnapChat or Instagram, which can lead to a faster, best and effective result of the clinical trial. Therefore, the investigator or sponsor of the study can directly engage the patients in the clinical trials with the help of social media.

It is well known that from patient recruitment to their retention dealing with high costs for completing a successful study is not an easy task. Improving these processes with innovative approaches is a demanding task of Pharmaceutical companies these days.


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