Our Story

ADI Intellect’s vision to be an innovative startup in consulting services began in 1999.

Our Story

ADI Intellect’s vision as an innovative startup in consulting services began in 1999. We immediately recognized a problem with reliability in the service industry and focused on solving this problem with both technical skill and uncompromising integrity and reliability. These quickly became our core values. While growing, ADI Intellect built an atmosphere of high principles expected of its employees and established a quest for excellence, quality, and on-time delivery that increased the value of every project we have undertaken and delivered upon. As a result, ADI has expanded its portfolio both horizontally and vertically aimed at multiple industry segments.

Why ADI Intellect ?

We aim to foster our personal growth in line with that of our clients.

Our offerings help industry leaders and departments make faster decisions through BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE services, reach out to their audience with our ANIMATION, allow their teams to be more productive quickly through our eLearning, get the best technology performance through our IT SERVICE, get the cutting edge of Data analytics through our BIG DATA technology, get the best of business focus and cost benefits with our PROCESS OUTSOURCING, get efficiency in drug development through our CLINICAL TRIAL SERVICES, and facilitate new drug development with our DRUG REPURPOSING services.

What started back then as a DBA entity with a small group of 7 team members has now expanded to a team of hundreds of expert professionals; ADI Intellect continues to transcend geographical limits to win over global associates.

Our impressive growth rate reflects well on both our leadership and our team’s commitment to excellence. Intrapreneurial spirit best defines the company, performing every task with utmost precision. An innovative approach continues to define and redefine our company.

These attributes have resulted in an excellent record of customer retention, and the achievement of increasing levels of success. The credit is widely shared amongst management, medical doctors and researchers, creative animators and designers, and an unsurpassed technical staff. The ADI Group is recognized worldwide as a leader in knowledge process outsourcing, new drug delivery processes, drug development tools, and contract research and consultation. Every day presents us with a new challenge. Join us to witness ADI Intellect’s pursuit of excellence.

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