Corporate Responsibility

The word Corporate is justified when a sense of responsibility is ingrained in its
culture; the responsibility towards ecology and community is an integral part.

Corporate Responsibility

ADI Intellect’s CSR strategy is based on the principles of integrity and commitment with three clear goals – economic growth for all, ecological balance and social progress. Every small gesture that can bring big smiles is taken, keeping in mind the best interest of society at large. The company’s philanthropic drive continues as it provides positive and endless support to selective programs for significant tangible results.

ADI Group is extending a helping hand through many
exemplary activities like –

  • Organizing regular visits to the local elderly communities to provide moral support to the elderly facing a tough time in the dusk years
  • Making contributions to the school for the Blind
  • Adoption of a village school where sincere efforts are being made to encourage literacy by providing shoes, school uniforms, books, etc. to students

Health is ADI Intellect’s prime genre of operations. The group annually organizes preventive health awareness camps, voluntary blood donation camps, diet awareness camps and seminars on health and hygiene in schools.

ADI Intellect advocates a corporate culture of ‘dedication’ and is proactively engaged in enriching life by consistently aligning its core values and operational responsibilities with its social responsibilities.


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