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3D Medical Animation Solutions

Whether you’re presenting to stakeholders, or selling the finished product to customers, a picture tells a thousand words. A medical animation adds zeros to the word count of your picture enabling you to present the facts about your trials in an easily understood medium.
We have dedicated medical and creative specialists, dedicated to making 3D animations which can engage and inform your target audiences. Our medical specialist get to the heart of your project and ensure factual accuracy, and our creative gurus write the script and put together your film to showcase the unique selling points and key aspects of your project.

Big Data Management Service

Although big data looks great on paper, obtaining and grouping the data into manageable and meaningful information is difficult. The sources are ubiquitous: Journals, clinical trials results, drug information, social media opinion, web browsing history, blogs, sales figures, and demographics-the list of sources is far reaching.

Clinical Trials Study Design

We can design every aspect of your clinical trials. Our years of experience and knowledge combined with our medical animation resources, showcases your clinical trials in the best possible light. This maximizes your chances of acceptance with the FDA and EMA. In turn, this allows you to move forward with your clinical trials and product development plans.

Clinical Trials Data Management Solutions

Our clinical trials solutions have been designed to ease the most stressful and time consuming aspects of drug development. From data collection, report writing, and ensuring patient consent, our solutions will see your projects run smoother, be more successful, and developed at reduced cost. Take a look at our clinical trials solutions, and complete the Maximize my Project Success form to enable your drug development project to come to fruition.

Pharmacovigilance Solutions

To help your clinical trials run smoother, we have developed a service to handle all aspects of pharmacovigilance for you

Professional Documentation and Procedure Services

Our professional solutions ensure that your projects are developed faster and with precision. The development of documentation and protocols are extremely important, and our fifteen years experience in the field has given us the insight to develop these faster and more accurately.

READrug & Bioinformatic Data Extraction and Analytic Solutions

Through using our READrug data extraction solutions, your product time to market accelerates at a rapid pace. We analyse and mine your data sources in a timely fashion, extracting the data you need to repurpose your existing product range. As we work in the background, you can manage your resources more efficiently as personnel are not tied down through the need to delve into data.

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