READrug & Bioinformatic Data Extraction and Analytic Solutions

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READrug Data Extraction

Through using our READrug data extraction solutions, your product time to market accelerates at a rapid pace.  We analyse and mine your data sources in a timely fashion, extracting the data you need to repurpose your existing product range.

As we work in the background, you can manage your resources more efficiently as personnel are not tied down through the need to delve into data.

Our READrug Data Extraction Solutions Include:

  • Molecules – We provide chemical formula and structures with profiles from reliable sources
  • Sources – We include the institutes, scientists, investigators and contact information from all the sources we found
  • Safety results
  • Provide information on what market sectors are open to your repurposed drug

Bioinformatic Services

Our specialist teams will fuse biological and genetic data to speed up gene based drug discovery.  This valuable resource will make you more agile in your approach to projects, as it will provide you with the data to enable you to use your research more efficiently and effectively.

Our teams are specialists in the following fields:

  • Biology
  • Problem solving and analysis
  • Analyzing data from a qualitative and quantitative view point
  • Technical ability to use bespoke software which mines your research quickly and efficiently

Utilize our services today, so you can utilize your own resources efficiently and effectively.  Bring your repurposed drugs to market more quickly.  Complete the Repurpose my Drugs Faster form.

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