Quantitative Research

Data-driven decision making

ADI's legacy of secondary or quantitative research services offer companies a way to harness the ocean of data available on the internet. Our areas of expertise includes:

  • Significant experience in secondary research for
  • Healthcare information databases
  • Service providers.
  • Establishing specialized teams and processes .
  • Understand and differentiate the diverse parts of data requirements
  • Vast experience in simplifying large datasets into tables/graphs/dashboards
  • Creating a custom dashboard to quickly visualize trends and results by navigating through various combinations of data fields

Clinical Data Mining

Be aware of your clinical data and optimize your processes

We offer high-quality clinical data mining services that are


Our expertise is particularly strong in the following areas

  • Clinical Research from IND Section 505(b)2 Summary Reports & Clinical Study Reports (CSRs)
  • Adverse Event mining for pharmacovigilance
  • Literature searching for references
  • Mining of scientific papers for publishing and presentations
  • Quality Check for URL reference checks

Data Automation & Integration

Automate your way from what if to what’s next

We provide intelligent information database management utilizing automated data collection methods and human analytics

We offer Intelligent Information Database Management

  • Creating an organized database and dashboard for quicker decision-making from a massive unstructured data source using the Big Data tool
  • The creation of backend and frontend tools data scraping information database management and curation
  • Building a dedicated team quickly based on the goal of database products and getting them to market as shortly as possible

Data Conversion

Start simple convert remarkable

Our data collection application frequently differs from the technology that converts raw data into useful information To avoid such hurdles our team employs manual and automated systems to convert data into the desired structure Some of our applications include

  • OCR & Data Scrapping
  • SQL to No SQL conversion and vice versa
  • SDTM ADaM clinical trial data conversion
  • Data Compatibility and Quality Checks