Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of the culture of ADI Intellect and the wider ADI Group.  The basis of CSR is to safeguard the ecology and community both locally and internationally, and to establish economic progress for all.

To promote CSR, the ADI Group supports selective programs it feels makes a significant contribution to ascertaining social goals in line with its CSR.

This includes:

  • Supporting homes which support the erderly
  • Donations to local schools for the visually impaired
  • Providing resources for literacy schools
  • Preventative health awareness camps
  • And unique initiatives such as iPledge which works hard to ensure no debts are incurred by a bride’s family at the time of her wedding. This is done by encouraging the groom’s family to reject the offer of gifts from the bride’s parents.  This practice often results in economic hardship and financial burdens.

Moreover, the ADI Group ensures that its operation and social values align.

Spreading Warmth

ADI Group and its enthusiastic team continues to spread warmth all around. As part of its CSR program, the company organized a ‘Cardigan & Cap Distribution’ event for the kids of Government Primary School at Choti Perch on Dec 9, 2014. Children were provided little goody packs containing a handkerchief, pencils, sharpener & eraser for their everyday stationary purpose. The event ended with a milk, tea and samosa party for the children & staff members of the school. The event was exclusively planned and led by the ADI team whereby even the junior staff came forward to contribute monetarily and qualitatively.

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