Clinical Trials Data Management Solutions

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Clinical Trials

Our clinical trials solutions have been designed to ease the most stressful and time consuming aspects of drug development.   From data collection, report writing, and ensuring patient consent, our solutions will see your projects run smoother, be more successful, and developed at reduced cost.  Take a look at our clinical trials solutions, and complete the Maximize my Project Success form to enable your drug development project to come to fruition.

Data at your Fingertips without the Time Burden

Electronic Data Capturing
In every clinical trials data management is key.  Our electronic data capturing service automates much of the capturing process.  This makes data collection more accurate while freeing up your time to work on the demanding aspects of the clinical trials.

In addition to capturing the data automatically, it is organised, grouped, and managed to make retrieval fast and efficient.  Your project data is available on demand.

Avoid Project Failure through Ensuring Patient Consent

Clinical trials can be delayed and even derailed when patient consent is not forth coming.  Much of these issues can be avoided through using automated patient consent forms.   Our eConsent solution can be sent to patients as friendly messages which can be read and signed from their phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.  Alternatively, we can create websites which accomplish the same job for you:  Getting the signature on the patient consent form.

By making the consent process easy, the consent signatures come think and past.  This allows your project to become live faster.

Information you need on Demand

Clinical Data Management Retrieval
With so much clinical research data extracted from a clinical trials and so many decisions made on the findings, managing this data is a responsibility in itself.  Our solution is to automate it to make retrieval easier.   Our system integrates with yours allowing regulatory frameworks and internal structures to be realised, while allowing you to find the information easily and quickly thanks to the first class organisation of your data our system provides.

We Collate, Report, and Analyse your Biostatistics to Speed up your Projects

Collating biostatistics is a time consuming but important task.  To help this process come to fruition faster we dedicate teams to collect this data for you.  Armed with bespoke software, they collect the data quickly and accurately ensuring the statistics are in line with regulatory compliance.

Your new team does not stop there.  Using conventional reporting and automated data software they:

  • Prepare bespoke reports
  • Prepare statistical summaries and analysis

Our solution speeds up project completion rates considerably.  This leaves your personnel free to perform and monitor demanding aspects of the project.

Maximize the Effectiveness of your Clinical Study Report

Increase your Chances of FDA Approval
The importance of preparing a clinical study report to the FDA cannot be overstated.  Educating your teams in regulatory compliance, and how to present your case with maximum chances of the FDA approval is time consuming and risky to say the least.

You do not want your hard work undone at the final hurdle.

Our experienced report writing team will draw upon statistical data and analysis to compile convincing evidenced – based reviews and meta-analyses.

Your report will adhere to compliance but more importantly, the clinical and educational significance of the report to will be emphasized maximizing the chances of FDA approval.

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