ADI Intellect provides best in class services to a wide variety of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Our services encompass but are not limited to the following:

Working with your People to Make your Project Work

Our years of experience enable us to identify what you need to make your project run smoothly. We grasp your concepts and requirements quickly, enabling the project to be worked on faster. We liaise with your people at all levels. This ensures we understand your project requirements, and your people know what we are going to produce and when we are going to deliver it.

We make every effort to ensure we are an active and productive team player in your project.

For every project we work with a wide range of personnel as needed. This often includes but not limited to:

  • Study Directors and staff
  • Product Managers and staff
  • Marketing/Branding/ Communication Managers and staff
  • Regulatory Affairs Personnel
  • Heads of Departments in Medical Centres, Media agencies, Training Organizations and Device Manufacturers
  • Training Managers and staff
  • Media staff
  • Database companies and personnel
  • Clinical trials consulting companies and personnel
  • Device manufacturing companies and personnel

Our reputation has been earned through regularly providing the following services. Again, this is not an extensive list:

  • Patient engagement tools – Obtain consent and explain concepts
  • Medical Product Animation – Quickly explain concepts to stakeholders in ways which are easy to grasp
  • Multilingual Use Manuals for Device Companies – Ensure the device is delivered to specification
  • Sales Force Training Programs – Ensure everyone knows what they are doing
  • Bio Statistics – Ensure essential data is captured
  • READrug/Bionformatics – Mine your data for opportunities
  • Intelligence Reports – Obtain data from quantitative and qualitative sources for current and future projects
  • Observation Studies – Accurate studies to give you the information you need to make decisions
  • Big Data analysis, tools, and services – Collate, manage, and mine your data for vital information and to present in case study reports

Our experience has given us a zero default record, and this has helped our clients to deliver on time and on budget. Let us do the same for you.

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