Board Members

Half a decade of experience as an entrepreneur renders Mr. Pyara Singh with a business acumen that’s second to none. Despite tasting unparalleled success the man is an epitome of humility and has his humanitarian spirit still intact.

A fervent spirit that he is, Mr. Maneet Singh always wanted to contribute something worthwhile to the multifaceted realms of knowledge and innovation. His zest to perfect the understanding of all that he indulges in led him to acquire 15 years of rich experience in fields as diverse as Clinical Research, Medical KPO, Telecommunication, Data Management and Turn-key Project Consulting. Often addressed by the industry as ‘The Solution Person’, he is instrumental in tapping human potential to the fullest.


Graduate of ESSEC Paris and ISC Paris, Bernard is your dedicated contact to complete all your projects. Having worked in different companies, Admonya, TF1, Casino and Cora with missions in France and abroad, he is a thorough professional and obsessed with detail; Bernard has a good knowledge of the business world and is an enthusiast entrepreneur.

James is an accomplished corporate leader with a proven track record in building and leading high-growth businesses. His deep knowledge of competitive and market intelligence applications makes him an ideal partner for clients seeking informed understanding of their market trends, opportunities and competitive issues. Almost 20 years of working across multiple business disciplines internationally renders him the proven ability to define and deliver change initiatives to build capability and transform processes to maximize returns from existing and new initiatives.

Ken Robinson, the founder of ADI RegDocs is a veteran of the world of pharmaceutical/medical documentation. With a rich journey of twenty committed years, he holds to his credit the establishment and direction of the supervisory writing groups at Sterling Winthrop, Sanofi, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. A thorough wise of ways, Ken has best utilized his skills in international settings, helping many companies in formulating time saving plans for documentation and submission.

A Paris based expert in International Regulatory Affairs and Biotechnologies, Dr Elisabeth Hervier has been associated with the Pharmaceutical industry for the past 45 years. She is presently a mentor to a number of pharmaceutical, consulting and service companies. Having been an avid entrepreneur and anchor to many pharmaceutical companies in France, she has served as the president of Zydus in France, Vice-President of CCIP-Paris, district-in charge of International Business & Paris development Agency, and consultant to many others like Ranbaxy.

Dr Tidona is the Managing Director of BioMedX & BioRN Clusture. After a decade’s experience in startup and leadership of biotech companies such as Multimetrix in Regensburg, Cytonet near Heidelberg, and the Heidelberg Institute for Stem Cell Technology and Experimental Medicine (HI-STEM), he joined the Biotech Cluster Rhine‐Neckar (BioRN) that won the German Leading-Edge Cluster Competition 2008 and received a grant of 40 million Euro from the German federal government under his leadership. There he co-founded the Health Axis Europe alliance between the European health innovation clusters in Cambridge, Leuven, and Heidelberg.
He is member of the Responsible Leaders Impact Circle for Social Innovations of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, and teaching entrepreneurship at the University of Heidelberg.

Dr Prithipal Singh, a medical pioneer, is the first Indian to take a Biomedical Company public on NASDAQ stock exchange in 1992. His last product was launched by President Bill Clinton at the White House. Holder of over 40 US patents and over 200 worldwide, this man currently serves on the Board of Directors of Abaxis, Inc. and has been the Vice President at Syntex Corporation, Executive Vice President of Idetec Corporation and the Vice President of Syva Corporation. He also founded ChemTrak Inc (funded by Sequoia Capital) among other companies.

Manager of Human Resource at ADI, Ms. Vohra is an MBA in Human Resource Management. She is a powerhouse of optimism and possesses keen organizational instincts. Emphasizing on HR and the nurturing of human capital, she prompts major initiatives to attract, retain and groom talent.

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