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There are four principle reasons to choose us as your contract research organization partner. They are:


With fifteen years experience in research, together with document and protocol creation, our work is as accurate as humanly accurate can be. Our error rate has been reduced further, with the implementation of bespoke software to manage data extraction and research.
This has been strengthened by our work ethics and practices, which ensure we never make a mistake more than once.
As such, all the work we produce for you will be precise and accurate.

Meet your Deadline

Drug research and clinical trials projects are dependent on you hitting your deadlines. This time pressure adds to the stress. Our services are geared around meeting the deadlines you set. Transfer the burden to us. Our years of experience in meeting deadlines has been developed using backup and redundancy systems to compensate for delays.

To ensure we hit your deadline, we audit our systems include ensuring our Plan B can come into effect should Plan A not meet requirements. This has ensured we always deliver on-time.

We have successfully maintained our Zero Default record on meeting a deadline for fifteen years.

We hit your deadline so you can hit your deadline.
This method often sees time to market reduce, and often speeds up the completion of projects and clinical trials

Creativity and Innovation

Our approach has been described as creative and innovative by our clients. And that’s not only in the field of eLearning, but in research, and document and protocol design too. It is the ability, the spark of genius to approach a problem in a different way which has seen our results deliver on time and on budget.
Whatever task you want us to accomplish, our creativity and innovation will be at the heart of the solutions we provide.


We work hard to earn and retain your trust. We earned our client’s trust and a reputation for excellence through delivering what we promised for the last fifteen years. The bottom line is that we deliver accurately and on time, and we relieve the pressure you and your team are under. In doing so we will earn your trust

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